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Stellrr pays Austin area home service companies and their Techs when anyone referred to Stellrr buys our insulation service.

When you're in the attic, look at their insulation. If it is infested with rodent droppings, nasty, or low, tell the client, and invite them to your branded webpage on You get to give your client a $150 voucher with Stellrr.

When you refer anyone to your branded page on, we track that and pay your company a generous commission.

The Voucher gets them $150 off and a discount for being an affiliate referred client. We perform a diagnostic consult and provide them an estimate at home.

During our diagnostic, we inspect their attic, do thermal imaging, and can even perform our blower door test - free. Then we write a proposal for making their home healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Do you really love doing your own insulation work?

What is your company's net profit on a fiberglass job? Let's say it is $1,000, and you net 10% or $100. Well, with us, we focus on Cleansing the home and converting it into a much more friendly place for the AC system to operate.

We turn 135-degree attics into 75-degree attics with proper ventilation and humidity management. What we do is extensive and does wonders for Indoor Air Quality.

But when you refer the client to us, you will probably make the same as or more than when you sell your insulation services.

But you don't have to do any selling, scheduling, keeping the inventory, ensuring your techs did it right, dealing with the client complaints, or collecting the payment. We do it all. You get people to use your custom link by telling them you give them a $150 off voucher with Stellrr.

When they request the Coupon, we tag them with our affiliate marketing system. When they pay us for insulation, you get paid.

If you want to join our Affiliate program, complete the form above.

Stellrr's improvements to the client's home open the door to more work and upgrades to sell. Win. Win.

It is best to keep your techs working on what they do best, where they earn the most money for the company. Let's be honest, they don't make you a ton by doing insulation work, and we know that isn't good for morale either.

When you enroll in our affiliate program, you get all the tools you need to be successful. I've assembled: custom QR codes, your branded web page, 7 free bonuses, including my 87-page e-book, a 26-min video training on the 10 Secrets for Home Comfort & Energy Savings, and more.


We make your company look good. Especially when a client blames you for a problem you can't fix or are not responsible for.


So why don't you check out my affiliate stuff? Just request to join our affiliate program.


Get customers off your back and make them feel like sharing their praise for your company.

So fill out the form above, and then we can discuss the next step. No cost to you. We build the web pages, emails, flyers, and other tools you need to promote your new income stream with Stellrr.


I look forward to talking with you. See you on the other side!

With gratitude,

Shawn Mansur, Founder & Author

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